The Innate Artistry in Your Photoshoot

When a model books a location for their photoshoot, I usually check out the room on the internet and try to envisage the types of photos we might take.

However, when we get there, often the room does not look as it did in the internet photos! Maybe the layout is different, sometimes the furniture is different, even walls can change colour! Therefore it is important for me to remain adaptable and adjust to the situation, using my innate artistic instinct to identify opportunities unique to that location.

Being an artistic photographer, I have a creative ‘eye’ that can get the most out of any location. Combined with years of experience as an artistic photographer, I am used to extending my inspiration and creativity.

This is what happened when our model booked a location for a glamorous photoshoot. However, nothing in the room matched its internet photos. Luckily, I was soon inspired by a huge window in the room. To me, it resembled a giant natural ‘lightbox’. I knew we could use the window as a frame and a back light to create a silhouette style of images that would highlight the model and make her stand out.

I also brought with me various coloured gel lighting effects to create different moods and give Serena a wide range of options. The ‘blue gel’ was just perfect for our model!