Show Them Your Fun Side!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to communicating your personality and uniqueness, a bespoke photo shoot with carefully selected props is the only way to go. Not only does it put your beauty and style on display for all to see, but it reveals a tantalising part of who you are.

Show them your fun side!

Tempt them with your sexy and sensual nature!

Engage them with your playfulness, interests and date style!

More than anything, a photo shoot featuring props can communicate authenticity, because you’re

the one selecting the props and posing with them, so of course they represent the real you.

Champagne, flowers, books, props you use on dates, games, in-room dining experiences – the list of ideas is endless! Just think about what you enjoy most about dating, and use a prop to symbolise that enjoyment. There are so many props to use!

What makes you different from your competition? A prop can also make you stand out from the

crowd. The more individual the prop you select, the more extraordinary it is – the more it will

intrigue and entice.

Props also make great conversation starters. Where did you get that giant lollipop? What other

books have you read? Are those your favourite flowers?

Whatever prop you choose to bring along to your photo shoot, you will have so much fun posing

with it, the images will easily capture your sense of humour and friendly nature. So the next time

you book a glamour shoot with Mick, remember to look and feel fabulous – as well as mention the props you want to bring!