Preparation is the Key to Success!

I had an exciting photoshoot with Tallula Darling (Twitter: @Tallula_Darling) this morning. We met early to capture the gentle morning light. I didn’t use my studio lights, we used natural light at her outdoor location. However, as time went on, I had to be careful about the persistently bright and often harsh Australian sunlight, and to find areas that had softer more complimentary light.

It was very easy to work with Tallula, as she had a clear idea about what she wanted to get out of her photoshoot. She was very well prepared and, as they say, you “get out what you put in” and that is true for photoshoots too! The more a client prepares with outfits, props, hair and makeup, the more they can expect amazing results!

The four-hour photoshoot just flew by, we had a great time and achieved fabulous results!

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