Tuning Into a Client's Needs

Jessica Luscious (Twitter: @JessicaLusciou8 ) recently got in touch about my January / February 2021 promotion and we organised a photoshoot. She has such a fun and playful personality, and she wanted this to shine through her photos too!

Every client is different, with different wants and needs. As a photographer it is important to 'tune in' to the client's preferred style. Jessica prefers a more naturally suggestive posing style as oppose to 'structured', as not only is this authentic to her, but it carries on her established style that clients adore.

For this reason I used soft lighting diffused, so it wasn't obvious that I also used a flash. This comes in handy if the room is not well lit with natural light. Having professional lights and taking them to photoshoots makes it easy to capture the perfect atmosphere.

I am very much looking forward to more shoots and gaining more practice and experience in the specific genre of glamour photography. I am very humbled by how many people have been kind enough to get in touch about my promotion.

Cheers, Mick