Updates Can Reassure Your Clients

Heidi booked a nice location for her photoshoot. The best locations have many areas / props, such as a couch with nice pillows, a table with chairs, perhaps a dressing table with a mirror, and a nice bathroom. It’s worth spending that extra little bit of money to get a nicer / bigger room to ensure you get a variety of photos with a range of backgrounds. It gives you more choice in the end results.

As a model, Heidi enjoys photoshoots and posting the best images on social media. She says: “Most of my clients check out my social media account prior to making a booking. It is the best way models can reassure clients that we are 'real' people. Posting a mix of selfies and professional photos work best for me.”

Have you been posting regularly on social media too? Have you got recent photographs of yourself to show your clients / followers? If not, it might be your turn to organize a photoshoot soon! It's an investment for your business!

Cheers, Mick