My First Blog

Hi there!

Welcome to my website and my very first blog! My name is Mick and I am very excited about my new adventure in Glamour Photography.

I have always been very creative and photography has always been a passion of mine. Lightpainting in particular has been my speciality for many years now. Did you know, in 2018 I won the Easter Show Award for Digital Art?

2020 has been a year of transition for many of us, and for me it gave me the chance to expand. I am now very keen to develop my knowledge, skills and experience in glamour photography. I have a high-tech state-of-the-art digital camera, and recently updated my professional lighting equipment. I was lucky enough to have a photoshoot this week with glamour model Jasmine Mendez, and had so much fun with the lighting! The photoshoot turned out really well, with Jasmine being a natural, well-experienced model. Her poses were amazing!

You can check my progress! I will be posting regularly on Twitter (@EliteGlamour2) and via my website using this Blog section.

Well, it was lovely to meet you virtually and, if you are a model in Sydney looking to expand your portfolio with fresh images, please get in touch, and let's collaborate!

Cheers, Mick