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December 2020

Model: Jasmine Mendez 
" Thank you so much Mick for your efforts. I've uploaded the new photos & they look AMAZING!!" 
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Jasmine 2
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Jasmine 1

May 2021

Model: Jamie
"No matter what your age, a glamour photo shoot with Mick will easily capture your unique style and beauty, because it’s there to be seen!"
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January 2021

Model: Jessica Luscious
"Brilliant! I am very happy with the photos. I really appreciate it. XX "
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January 2021

Model: Selena Skye
"I can't wait to work with you again, I had an absolute ball."
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January 2021

Model: Tallula Darling
"Thanks so much Mick, how fun was that shoot! I really appreciated your effort and I am so pleased with the results."
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January 2021

Model: Heidi Rose
“I believe Mick’s natural artistic flair, technical knowledge and enthusiasm will take him all the way to the top! Follow his journey too on Twitter - @EliteGlamour2, and by reading his blogs.”
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March 2021

Model: Christopher
"Thank you so much really for the time you have spent to go out of your way to help me to do the photography and everything. You are awesome! Thank you again for sending the photos, I love all of the pictures! looking forward to seeing you again soon!"  
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November 2021

Model:  Safari  Africana
"Thank you so much for the well-done job. The photos are dope!
They look absolutely amazing."
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