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Want to stand out from the crowd?

Be unique!

This unique photoshoot might be ideal if you are a BDSM & Fetish provider. The photoshoot can be taken in your dungeon perhaps? Be the first with this style of images in your field!  

Lightpainting involves long exposure photography and use of a light source to create highly innovative and creative images, suggestive of other worlds and experiences. It’s edgy and unique, it’s bright and colourful, it’s shadowy backdrops and thought-provoking.


Mick is an expert Lightpainter with decades of experience as a creative in this field. His work is vibrant, passionate and professional, making this photoshoot perfect for models seeking images likely to linger in their audience’s imagination.


About the photoshoot: 

To create light painting, complete darkness is required. Please bear this in mind when booking the time and place for your photoshoot. If shooting outdoors, it will have to start around one hour after sunset; and would then continue for 2 hours. Alternatively, it could take place in a completely dark room. 

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Contact Mick if you'd like to see more special effect Lighting photos.

If you are interested in his special effect lighting, he can give you access to view 100s of his photos in the 'lightpainting' category.



By using special techniques and lighting we can create a more artistic and moody photo. Let me know if you'd like to include a few of these in your shoot! Or, we can create your entire portfolio in this style. 
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January 2021

Model: Nina Nyx
"Amazing! Thank you. So happy with the results!"
Twitter: @ninanyxxx   
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February 2021

Model: Luxury Companion
"Thank you to the Amazing team at Elite Glamour for the fun day and beautiful photos!"