Michael Lynch is an award-winning Australian Photographer, lightpainting specialist and coach. His work is highly praised for his mastery over technique and style, which won him the 2018 Easter Show Award for Digital Art. 


In December 2020, Michael decided to expand his field of photography and now employs his highly desirable skills, vast knowledge and experience in the field of glamour photography. His aim is to create beautiful and profitable photography images for models. 


Michael uses a high-tech state-of-the-art digital camera, natural lights for outdoors, and professional lighting equipment for indoor photography, assuring models of top quality photographic results. Michael is easy to work with, friendly, fun and professional. He works with his female on-set assistant, giving clients the best team possible, helping models look and feel their absolute best! ​

Michael Lynch 

Elite Model Photographer -  Sydney 

e-mail:  hello.eliteglamour@gmail.com 


* Member of the Australian Academy of Photography  

* Advanced Certificate of Photography

* 2018 First Place Easter Show Award for Digital Art 

* Lightpainting Coach